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endless ocean endless sky

It's been a while, but I've been busy.
Just finished a sereies of two posters to commemorate the performance of a dear friend, Tahni Holt.
"endless ocean endless sky", is a dance performance told in 100 chapters through movement, light, sound, and architecture.
It also happens inside of a giant inflatable iceberg.
Definitely worth seeing.

oct 11-14
the commons: PNCA
  • check it out her site here for more.

  • I will be selling both of these hand screened posters in an edition of 35 each @ $16 a pop or $30 for both.
    They will be available at the performance, but contact me if anyone wants to claim one ahead of time.
  • You can also buy them online here.
  • 7.26.2007

    it's all for you... it's for you all.

    just finished another series. starting to draw some connections here. more to come, i hope.
    the goal it to get a few different ones and then possibly a show? possibly selling? who knows.



    Hot off the presses.
    8 color screen print.
    Hand pulled in my basement.
    Edition of 25.
    Feels good to get something made.


    this just in...

    look at what I just got.
    If you are really nice to me, I might stamp your hand.
    If you're really, really nice to me... I will stamp whatever you want.
    This is going to be great for keeping track of who has paid to get into my house.

    pick one

    screen printing... in the works.


    never closer.

    spell it out.

    A friend, and fellow co-worker, Ben has started his own web site dedicated to the beauty of typography. Thought type was boring? You're not exposed to thisdayintype.com. If you got what it takes, you may just be able to make his calendar.
  • check it out

  • I even got to have a go at Memorial Day.
  • Visit my day.
  • 6.20.2007

    I'm Famous!

    Finally, I am being recognized as the model I truely am.
    This is the latest Nixon ad we've made, starring skate phenom Paul Rodriguez Jr.
    Of course, anyone that knows my work (or my smarmy jacket) will realize that it's my wrist highlighted in the shot.
    I wasn't threatened at all to have P-Rod in the ad as well. I hope it gives him some street cred.
    A nice mashup of work from two amazing photographers (Jason Nocito and Ray Gordon).
    It was fun how we pulled this one together.

    Now I sit back and wait for the royalties roll in...

    read me.

    I have been reading this book lately and really digging it.
    I especially dig it because it was written by my favorite Portland performance artist-come-movie director-come-writer.
    The fact that most of the storries are both messed up and beautiful helps too.
    Oh yeah... and the jacket that comes in either yellow or bright pink.
    I liked the yellow.


    I've been meaning to post this for a while.
    My good friends Marty Schnapf and Tahni Holt and a few other folks put together a little performance/ concert about a month back. It was all for the finale of Marty's installation at the downtown Stumptown called "the swallows", in which Marty had projected a series of words on the wall of Stumptown.
    10 of us (Marty, Tahni, Sarah Farrell, Tom Thorson and Nancy (interiors project), Jesse Lichtenstein, David Neevel, Liam Kenna (Megadome, Snuggleups), and Katie O'Brien-Clarke (Iretsu)) all created a song around the words from Marty's show. The fun part was that each of us joined in and contributed to each others songs. It was all strung together by a performance/drinking game conceived by Marty and Tahni. Hard to explain, but it worked.

    Lots of folks showed up for the performance, and although we didn't have much of a sound system (or stage for that matter) everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

    The best part for me was meeting a ton of cool new people. I hope to stay in touch.

  • my contribution.
  • 6.09.2007

    long time coming

    this one too.
    if you can, listen to the song "the risen lord" by will oldham off his album "black/rich music".
    it's killing me right now, not sure why now.
    "now I must conquer the fear of life"

    this is what I have been doing currently...

    in answer to the question.
    been getting into painting again.
    not sure what direction it's going right now.


    i have to say something if i want to sing....

    my legs are so tired from all this standing still.


    when we touch...

    it's spring.
    everything is burgeoning.
    i can feel it.


    forgive my lateness.

    things are on the horizon.
    i don't think I will be keeping this site as it is now.
    much more interested in connecting with more image than word.
    thinking about making a change...
    stay posted.




    resolved to do more good.
    resolved to see you more.
    resolved to say something worth saying.
    still trying.


    Look Closer...

    It is finaly done.
    The fruits of some intense labor.
    It was a long road to getting this done, but it turned out pretty good.
    Check it out.


    this is what it looks like, being tired...

    some people spend their lives making their mark on the world.
    i get paid to do it for other people.
    hope I don't forget to make my own


    to my friends, Robin and Ian

    this summer has been a poignant one for me. i have had the privilage of attending several weddings (including my own). part of me wants to mourn the loss of something that i can't quite put my finger on. our lives certainly have changed in the years that we first knew each other, and in many ways, we have each taken the path, that will inevitably move us towards the realizations of our own stories and at the same time, strangely, away from each other’s. it's a life i used to fear and assume (naively) was about giving up. choosing one path inevitably excludes so much that it can look like settling to someone who has yet to make those choices that start their own paths.

    my point is this. i see now that we are all moving towards something far more rewarding than i ever thought possible, something sweeter. this adulthood that i feared for so long is about settling... but in a way i could have never understood. it is about finally making the choices that allow us to be the people we never knew we could be. it is about making choices bigger than us in the hopes that we will learn to be better than we are now. it's about faith. and it's more beautiful than anything we could have done in our youths.

    congratulations Robin and Ian. two of the most inspiring and beautiful people i know. it has been a privilege to know you both and watch you grow. may each step you take together be sweeter than the last.



    Alright folks.
    It is finally here.
    We have been working a long time now, and I can finally say that Dancepod is going down. Please check out the web site we have created for further info.
    11pm Portland
    Party with Berlin, Mexico City and NY
    all at once.
    Big ups to Marty.
    Way to go all!
    visit www.dancepoddance.com for more.



    my little brother.

    My younger brother, Ryan, got married this weekend to his love, Amy. Congradulations to the both, and welcome to the family Amy. Times like these really expose how fast this all goes. Make time.




    where the heart is.

    Oh sweet lord, how the days just grow in beauty.
    I'm finally starting to feel like I'm home.
    Spring does that. Sets you straight.

    I've been sick the past weeks. I miss my friends.

    Just got one of the most beautiful cd's I've listened to in a while.
    "The Pirates Gospel" by Alela.
    You have to send her some money, and she sends you back a handmade package.
    visit www.aleladiane.com to buy one of her gems.





    a long week...

    lots of lost sleep.
    thinking on the toes.
    new friends made (good to work with you James)
    good to get something made.
    good to be back home now too.



    So I saw this one on the way to work, and I had to walk all the way back home to grab my camera.
    Either this is a "tag" done by some genius who lives on my block, or this is a really random thing.
    I read "tag" immediately, but only from one angle, when you walk around the tree it totally changes and doesn't spell anything.
    Either way... an amazing thing.



    The Swells

    Come see the beginning of something big.
    Marty Schanpf and co. will be presenting a lecture / perfomance on his newest (and most ambitious project to date) dancepod.
    Come hear some amazing words in conjunction with beautiful participatory performance led by Tahni Holt (choreographer of Monster Squad). Believe me, this is more than a lecture. And you will be able to say that you were there when it all started.
    Join the revolution.

    The Student Union
    Reed College.


    feeling... dizzy...

    I am driving a few blocks from my house, when I look up at a stop light to see the face of my friend Alana's face looking down at me from the RED LIGHT billboard. You can't help but start to wonder if this is some sort of strange dream. If it is, what does it mean? I immediately crashed into the Cinemagic building in front of me.

    Alana is the one on the left. She is now overlooking all of Hawthorne.

    good job.